Mrs. Amy Friend

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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13March 29, 2017

Dear Families,

It is a great honor to accept the position of 3rd Grade Teacher at St. Pius X Regional Academy! I am sure that you are eager to get to know more about me and especially what the rest of your child’s 3rd grade experience will entail. I am here for you to answer questions and address any concerns the best that I can. If I do not have answers, we will work together to get them. The Easter season is one of new beginnings, renewal and for faith to be restored.

My husband Brady and I have been married for 10 years and have two children, 9 and 6. We have lived in Westerly our whole lives until this past Fall, when we moved over the border to North Stonington, CT. We love the outdoors and spending time together on our little farm. Your child will hear much more about it!

I was blessed to attend St. Pius X School 1st grade through 6th. I then attended Prout for 2 years and went through Westerly High School. I was always a struggling student in honors classes, but most of the time I did my best and received decent grades. What I learned at St. Pius X School, I continued to carry with me through nearly three master’s degrees. I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island, a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of New Haven, and have been working on a third Master’s level degree in School Counseling. I ended up liking school after all. St. Pius X School gave me the foundation of education and faith that has without any doubt, carried me through life.

I have had opportunities either through work or my schooling to work with children from kindergarten all the way through young adulthood teaching college courses. 3rd grade is where I did all of my in-service for the master’s degree in education- it has since been my favorite. Before having children, I worked at St. Pius X School, in the Westerly School System, The University of Rhode Island, and most recently, at The Norwich Free Academy. My goal has always been to get back to the St. Pius family. Despite the circumstances of this year, I am hopeful and excited to work with your child, and you. Together we will build from this and they all will grow spiritually and academically.

My teaching style is much like my personality that you will get to know. Each child has unique gifts from God and it is my calling to challenge them according to those gifts. Not every child has the same abilities, yet every child has infinite potential. Learning needs to be structured, yet fun and meaningful, with lessons of faith intertwined in all of our lessons. I feel that the best kind of learning is when children do not realize that it is happening! I will look for children doing well in their work, being on task, being kind, etc. and positively reinforce behaviors with small “tokens” that mean quite a bit to children as a whole. I will take our first week together to get to know each child and assess

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

each of them academically. Do not expect loads of homework to be coming home as they will be working very hard all day. Please let your child work on any homework without help so that I know what needs to be focused on in class. Mistakes are opportunities for learning. Once that warm Spring weather is upon us (I trust it will be soon), the children’s homework will be to get outside and perhaps keep a Springtime journal of what they notice that we can then use in our classwork. Play can be a child’s most important work.

Finally, I know that your child is your world. In our classroom, the children will know that they are cared for and will be challenged to grow in their education and their faith in God. They spend so much of their time in school. The classroom environment molds how they grow just as their time at home with family does. I know how important it is to hear from the teacher of your child at least once a week and how much it means when the teacher gets right back to you. If you need to talk in person or by phone, I will schedule a time that works for each of us. Together, with the faculty and staff at St. Pius X Regional Academy, we will make sure that your children have the best transition possible. Rest assured that they will be prepared for grade 4 (I had Mrs. Kimmel and she was my favorite teacher!) and maybe even sad for 3rd grade to come to an end! I will keep you updated how the coming weeks are going and will be sending home information on academic and classroom projects as we get settled. God bless you and your families and I look forward to working with you.


Amy Friend