Please provide the following supplies for your child at the beginning of the school year. Students are responsible for replenishing supplies as needed. Teacher may require supplies as the year progresses. Thank you.

2- #2 pencils or mechanical pencils

2- Red Pens (no gel pens)

2- Blue Pens (no gel pens)

1- Black Sharpie Marker

1- Large Eraser

1- Pair of Scissors

1- 12” ruler 

1- Box of 12 colored pencils

1- Roll of scotch tape

1- Glue stick

1- Heavy durable pocket folder (for home and school use)

4- Single subject notebooks (to be replenished throughout the school year, spiral

    or bound notebooks, no pads)

1- 1” Black hard covered binder

2- Packages of Wide Ruled Filler paper (for classroom use)

1- Package of Wide Ruled Filler paper (to use at home for homework)

1- Set of full page subject dividers to fit inside the binder

1- Package of lined 3 x 5 index cards used for Social Studies (to be replenished

    throughout the year)

1- Plastic index card holder (No recipe boxes please)

1- Large durable pencil case that will fit all the supplies (No art boxes) 

Book covers for textbooks (approx. 5, any kind, paper or stretch, no sticky paper)

*No art boxes please, since we do not have the space for them.


2- Rolls of paper towels

2- Boxes of tissues

2- Clorox wipes or similar product

Plastic utensils (spoons and forks)


Students should have a clean dish towel or cloth placemat to cover their desk and use to eat their snack and lunch on.