The middle school brings the added responsibilities of students as well as added privileges. The students occupy the wing of the middle school, utilize lockers and are introduced to departmentalized instruction. Each middle school teacher is responsible for an area of instruction such as English/language arts, religion, science, social studies and math. Standardized testing, formative and summative information is used to determine the needs of the students. For those who qualify, we offer a math track that will prepare students for algebra 2 or geometry in grade 9. Fine arts, music, physical education, foreign language and an integrated technology program are part of the middle school program. The physical education program is enhanced by a partnership with the YMCA. Curriculum integration is the educational philosophy recognizing that subjects are not utilized in isolation. STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math) activities are implemented and students are encouraged to participate in the “Bring Your Own Device” program.

Middle school students participate in the reading and church buddy programs for younger students. Daily prayer, prayer at the beginning of every class, adoration, the Living Nativity, community service/outreach and school Masses are an important part of developing the student in mind, body and spirit. Ninety percent of our middle school students take part in the theatre club, which yearly puts on a full dramatic or musical production. The athletic programs offer participation in cross-country, basketball and soccer. Student Council is the voice of student government and a way to experience the democratic process.