Capturing the enthusiasm of our elementary students and their willingness to learn is crucial.  St. Pius X Regional Academy provides a faith based and safe- environment that welcomes all students.  It is an environment that optimizes students’ growth socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. The curriculum is comprehensive and standards based. Instruction is student based and data driven.  Differentiated instruction is utilized all to meet the individual needs of students.  The Academic Dean, as well as the reading and math specialists work with classroom teachers to ensure that the  needs of all students are met and optimized. The reading/language arts and math curriculums facilitate the students’ development of a strong foundation upon which all skills are built.

Students in K-3 participate in the Wilson Fundations program that is a systematic program in the foundational skills for reading and spelling. It emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonics-word study, high frequency word study, fluency, vocabulary, handwriting and spelling. It includes comprehensive strategies and when combined with a literature-based language arts program the students develop a solid foundation in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The diocesan math curriculum lends itself to building basic skills as well as creating students with a good math sense, an understanding of numbers, and number relationships. Integrated into their learning are the community, life science, fine arts, foreign language, technology, physical education and religion. An experiential learning environment strengthens creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Students participate in a reading buddy program and STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and mathematic) activities that help facilitate relationships between grade levels. Students in grade 5 participate in “Bring Your Own Device” to school. Community projects and outreach, daily prayer, adoration, and whole school Masses foster a sense of community, service and individual spiritual growth.